Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Hannah on choosing a mate

After Mark, Hannah and I are usually the next ones to wake up in the morning and I waste no time getting my coffee made and dressed for the day. Once the boys are up, it's all who let the dogs out and I won't slow down again until lunch, maybe nap time.

Hannah likes that early time alone with me and will sit near in the bathroom watching me get ready and chattering about school or horses. Today she was telling me how one boy in her class, Charlie, was also in her VBS class over the summer so she had known him for a while.

"I think," she said, very matter of fact, "I'll probably marry Charlie someday. When I'm an adult."

I nearly choked on my toothpaste but I played it cool. "Oh, ok. Well, no rush. You have plenty of time to make up your mind."

"You're right, Mommy, I know. It takes a looooooong time to get as old as you."

Me, laughing, "Yep, a really long time."

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Baby Noah is here!

Noah Mark Wuerslin

Born June 21 at 6:42pm

6 pounds, 11 ounces

Noah is adorable and healthy! He is a little sleepy from being early (36.5 weeks) but he was wide-eyed and alert for all his visitors today. My recovery is going pretty smoothly too. We expect to be sent home Friday or Saturday.

Here are some pictures from Noah's arrival last night. I'll post more pictures as I get the chance.

arriving at labor and delivery - last baby bump picture

Noah with the doctor and Daddy

first kiss from Mommy

good strong cry

Big hugs and much love from our "little" family of six!

Meeting the Siblings

Brothers and sister meet their new baby brother.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Master Closet Simplified

I'm popping in for a rare burst of blogging to join in on Simple Mom's Project : Simplify! She'll be leading us in tackling 5 hot spots of clutter in the home. I'm full-on nesting, so the timing is perfect.

I almost didn't participate in this week's hot spot, thinking that my closet is already in pretty good shape. A few months ago, I bought nice hangers and brought in some baskets and tags I already had to give it a more cohesive and sophisticated look, since the bifold doors stay open pretty much all the time making it part of the master bedroom decor.

But then I started thinking about how it's getting warmer and it wouldn't hurt to go through the box of summer maternity items that have been lent to me, and how the dust build-up is so severe that if an item falls from its hanger, I have to put it back in the dirty clothes. (I don't know if it's the wood floors or the age of this house, but gets incredibly dusty. I seriously just dusted my closet a few months ago. Who dusts their closet??) I'm thinking maybe a little unpacking, tidying and dusting and this project will take me 30 minutes or so...

Two hours later and I am thrilled with the results! Here's what I started with:

What I did:

- Today was laundry day, so job one was to put away all the clean clothes you see piled up there.

- cleared out everything on the floor and the shelf above the hangers

- dusted and cleared cobwebs and sneezed 50 times

- went through the hanging items and shifted them around so that the ones I use the most are near the middle. Jackets and coats are tucked back on one side; scarves, belts and extra purses on the other.

- next up, I marched all the random objects (pillow pets, little pink crocs, matchbox cars, etc) back to their proper homes

- went through the summer maternity clothes. I didn't try everything on, since it was getting late, but I was extra picky in making sure I only hung up the ones I was fairly certain I would get use out of. (For example, I have no practical need for maternity dress slacks, and I already know I don't look good in scoop neck t-shirts.) I packed up the rest to give back or donate.

- found some non-maternity clothes and running clothes I won't be needing for several months and packed them up for storage in the basement

Here's a picture of the out-takes (minus dustballs and the kids' stuff which I had already put away):

I put back on the floor my shoes, work clothes (for painting or yard work), a basket of mending, and a basket of shorts.

(Looking to the right)

(Looking to the left)

Now the top shelf:

On the top I had only my suitcases and a sleeping bag off to either side, so I added the small trunk, which was in need of a home, and two now-empty baskets to stash items that I outgrow later on in the pregnancy.

I took the 3M hooks from the garage wall, where they hadn't been working out as grocery bag hooks. I re-hung the hooks in the middle of the closet for my most-often worn jewelry, so they no longer have to sit in a little bowl in the linen closet. Love those little 3M pull-tab hangy-thingies!

Last but not least, I asked Mark to tie a new string from my light which had broken months and months ago.

Let's take a step back to see the end result:

Much more functional and roomy. The clear floor space makes the master bedroom feel like it extends another 18 inches and seeing all those tank tops lined up gets me excited that warmer, sunnier weather is on its way!

Total time: 2 hours
Total expense: $0

Thursday, January 6, 2011

1st Trimester Update

Today marks the end of my first trimester. I am so incredibly happy about this. Even as I write this, I'm extremely nauseous - but hopeful that will be lightening up in the next week and disappearing soon.

Here are some stats on me:

Average number of hours slept per night : 9
Number of hours I could totally sleep if given the opportunity : 12
Pounds gained : 4 or 5
Bump: not very noticeable. Just looks like I ate a lot over the holidays (which I DID)
Number of ChickFilA spicy chicken sandwiches consumed : approximately 54
Number of extra-pickles-on-the-side-please consumed : hundreds, maybe thousands
Super supportive husband : check
Weeks until we can find out the gender : 3
Worst thing I've done : given up waking at a regular time and getting the day off to a predictable routine
Best things I've done : simplified our daily life, gotten my hair done
Cravings : hearty, savory things
Aversions : sweets and coffee (strangely I continue to consume both, but much less than I would)

Saturday, November 27, 2010


We got great (and surprising!) news this week that we are pregnant with baby #4. While there could be complications later on in the pregnancy, for the time all looks good with the baby and at 7 weeks I am quickly remembering the journey of pregnancy. 1st Trimester: exhaustion and nausea. 2nd Trimester: exhaustion. 3rd Trimester: soreness, hugeness, pre-term labor (we hope not this time!) and more exhaustion. After birth: nursing fun, c-section recovery and sleep deprivation BUT a big bounce back in my energy level. And a precious new baby making it all worth while!

I need a lot of sleep not pregnant, and while pregnant, it's just ridiculous. Last night I slept 9 hours and took two one hour naps today. Today I felt great because Mark was here to let me get all that sleep. Gearing up for the work week ahead, I'm making preparations to pace myself and cut out a lot of what I normally do.


Cloth diapers
Jesse tree and most of the crafty things I had planned for December ... I'm sad about that but for every 15 minutes doing crafts with the kids, I spend an hour in preparation and clean up. We still have lots of fun things going on this month. Until I bounce back, school will consist of the basics: reading, handwriting, and math.
Messy toys - several toys sets that are difficult for the children to clean up and time consuming for me to straighten up will be put away. I had been thinking about doing this before I discovered I was pregnant, just to allow them time to play with their nativity sets and make space for the few new toys they will receive this year.
Possibly home improvements - I'm reticent to let this go. You should see my kitchen! It is a work in progress, but just a few steps away from being done: paint, new hardware for the cabinets and curtains. I know it will be so refreshing to walk into a finished space, so I'm hoping I some energy bursts to knock that out in the evenings, but if push comes to shove it can wait.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Ethan's funny smile

Ethan is at such a neat age. His little personality is just bursting forth and he loves to do things that make us laugh. I was taking pictures of the big kids and turned to him and he said, "heeee" and made this face. It was his smiling for a picture face! I caught a couple of different versions.

Looks like he's winking in the second one. What a charmer!

Glue Gun Therapy

Yesterday was a hard day. I hesitate to even describe it as such, because when I think how blessed I am, I realize that many people would gladly trade one of their good days for my bad one. Aside from the children being off on their sleep, and therefore a little cranky, the day as a whole was actually pretty successful. We learned a lot, ate well, did a few chores and even had a fun outing. But I had forgotten that Mark would be gone for the evening, and when I realized it, exhaustion hit me like a freight train. I fought back tears until every last child was asleep. And then I settled in on the couch with my hot glue gun and made this:

I love it. I am not crafty, but I thought I could pull this one off without someone sweetly sweetly mistaking it for one of my children's works. Also, super cheap. $2 wreath form from Hobby Lobby + 2 x $1 coffee filters = $4. With extra coffee filters left over. Hmm, maybe I should turn something else into a giant snowball tonight?

Directions and inspiration from The Nester. I did not trim it. It would look cute with natural colored coffee filters too.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Hi There

We're still here!

just having fun...

in the sun...

keeping Mommy plenty busy

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Hannah's Birthday

Birthdays are such a cool excuse to celebrate somebody all day long. Mark took the day off work and we had a great time hanging out as a family, playing with friends, and celebrating our new 4 year old!
Hannah woke up to a life-size Barbie holding balloons for her. She was blown away. She was actually speechless.

We had such a fun birthday party at Hippo Hopp (an indoor inflatable jump castle place) with our favorite people. We absolutely love hosting people in our home, but it was very relaxing and freeing about not having to cook, clean or entertain! I felt like I could really enjoy the day with Hannah and focus on her.

Barbie cake. Of course.


It's hard on the little ones to stay awake through lunch after church. Ethan fell asleep while working on a tortilla at On The Border.
Now that's my idea of a perfect Sunday. Church. Food. Sleep.

Shopping at Trader Joe's

Going around the wine displays makes me nervous.


I'm putting up some pictures from the last few weeks since it's been so long.

Monday, March 22, 2010


Here are Adam's answers, minus the sound effects he made as he pushed his cars and fire truck around.

What is your name? ME!

How old are you? Me
When is your birthday? My pirpay (birthday)
Who is your Mommy? Mommy. My pirpay! My pirpay!
What does Mommy do? I don't know.
What does Daddy do? I don't know.
Who is your brother? E!
Who is your sister? Hannah! Hannah!
Who are your friends? Hannah
What is your favorite color? I like blue.
What is your favorite food to eat? Eat.
What is your favorite ice cream flavor? Me! (thinks I'm offering him ice cream)
What are your favorite toys to play with? My waah-truck (fire truck)
Where is your favorite place to eat? Me?
Who is your favorite person? (No answer. Me: Is it Mommy? Adam: Mm-hmm. Hannah: Is it me? Adam: Mm-hmm. Hannah: Adam likes me the best.)
Who is your best friend? Hannah
Where did Ethan come from? Balloon (Ethan is playing with a balloon.)
What is your favorite thing to do? My wah-truck da down. (Now makes his fire truck fall off the couch elaborately and crash and burn.)
What do Mommy and Daddy do after you go to bed? I don't know
Where do we go to church? Wahh-la. Go go Mommy car. Dat dat dat. (Points his finger in various directions as if showing me where to go)
Why do we go to church? I don't know.


I'm borrowing this idea from Emily. I took a break from March Moving Madness today and sat down with the kids to ask them some questions.

Helping Daddy make tapioca pudding

What is your name? Mrs. Lumpy (still in character from playing Heffalump with Adam apparently)
How old are you? (shows me 4 fingers)
When is your birthday? March 17th
Who is your Mommy? You
What does Mommy do? Do things I can't do
Who is your Daddy? Mark. He's at work.
What does Daddy do? Daddy works for a new house!
Who is your brother? Adam (pokes Adam in the chest and they get into a tussle)
Who is your baby brother? Ethannnnnnnn!
Who are your friends? Jackson, Morgan, (Adam shouts: Me! Me! Hannah: No, Adam.) Rebecca and Peyton. And her, Barbie (points to the life-size Barbie she got for her birthday)
What is your favorite color? Purple and pink and blue.
What is your favorite food to eat? Pasta.
What is your favorite song? Swan Lake and The Nutcracker.
What is your favorite movie? Swan Lake... and Nutcracker at Grandma's house!
What is your favorite book? My puzzles (she got a book with puzzles in it for her birthday)
What is your favorite animal? Kevin (a female giraffe toy that she pretends is the bird from Up)
What is your favorite ice cream flavor? Pink.
What are your favorite toys to play with? Barbie and my other dolls.
Where is your favorite place to eat? Here (points at our kitchen table. Oh, melt my heart.)
Who is your favorite person? Barbie
Who is your best friend? Adam (another playful push and screaming follows)
Where did Ethan come from? The hospital
What is your favorite thing to do? To put puzzles [together]
What do you want to be when you grow up? Ballerina!
Where will you live when you grow up? Our new house!
What do Mommy and Daddy do after you go to bed? Do things
Where do we go to church? At Waumba Land!
Why do we go to church? Because we learn things there
What sort of things do we learn about? God